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What's happening on April Sundays and tidbits of interest

Sundays: 6th, 27th ===>Melbourne Peranakan Chorus practice and rehearsals on these days. Interested members please join us from 2.30 pm onwards. Bring a plate for tea break. Library open for viewing
Sunday 13th====>Culinary event for members only. Those who have booked consult your email for start time, location & menu. Choir practice from 3.00 pm. Dance practice from 4.30 pm. Bring a plate for tea break at 4.00 pm. Library is also open for viewing.
Sunday 20th====>Easter Sunday. No activity planned. This day is a public holiday.
Calling on all members and their guests who attended our Annual dinner on 22nd Feb at the Golden Pebbles hotel. Have you any photos you want to share on this website of the night? Send them in reduced size (100-200 kB size) to j.then@bigpond.com before end of April 2014. Not all will be published depending on space available - thank you for sharing.

Click on the picture to expand or go to 'GALLERY' to see other photos contributed by members taken at the PAA 2014 CNY dinner
You Tube videosMPC - First three songs <==== Click here for performances of Happy Peranakan New Year/Baju Panjang/Tri la li la
MPC sings second lot of songs<====== click here to hear MPC 's rendition of Main Wayang's Baba Nyonya chachacha/ Sayang-sayang - bulan Jelita medley / I Love You.
MPC's dance routine for the night<=====click here to see this performance accompanied by music entitled Sedap sekali (Main Wayang Co) and Irresistible (Wild Rice Co)
MPC sings third batch of songs for the night<====== click here to hear MPC 's rendition of Main Wayang's Teh sama kopi followed by Jingli Nona and Rasa Sayang


(listed alphabetically by country & in bold where website is currently accessible):
Click on the relevant coloured bold name-link to access that particular PA’s website.  The associations having the longest history on governance matters relating to Peranakan Associations are the Malacca, Penang and Singapore PAs.
  • Thai Peranakan Association