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What's happening on February Sundays and tidbits of interest

Sunday 1st, 8th ====>Song & dance practice 1 - 5 pm @ Blackburn Hall starting with qigong twice a month - 1st Sunday in month with Ted Au; 2nd Sunday in month with Jasmine Teen. Well worth your time
Sunday 15th ====>Hall booked from 11 am onwards as its the 3rd Sunday of the month; BYO lunch if you arrive before 1 pm. Karaoke at 11 am. Bring a plate for tea break @ 4 pm
Sunday 22nd ====>Potluck post CNY lunch @ 1 pm for 1,30 pm start time. You bring food for yourself and others to share. Followed by normal choir and dance practices.
You Tube videosMPC - First three songs <==== Click here for performances of Happy Peranakan New Year/Baju Panjang/Tri la li la
MPC sings second lot of songs<====== click here to hear MPC 's rendition of Main Wayang's Baba Nyonya chachacha/ Sayang-sayang - bulan Jelita medley / I Love You.
MPC's dance routine for the night<=====click here to see this performance accompanied by music entitled Sedap sekali (Main Wayang Co) and Irresistible (Wild Rice Co)
MPC sings third batch of songs for the night<====== click here to hear MPC 's rendition of Main Wayang's Teh sama kopi followed by Jingli Nona and Rasa Sayang
January 2015 circular for members perusalJan 2015 circular <===click on this red link


(listed alphabetically by country & in bold where website is currently accessible):
Click on the relevant coloured bold name-link to access that particular PA’s website.  The associations having the longest history on governance matters relating to Peranakan Associations are the Malacca, Penang and Singapore PAs.
  • Thai Peranakan Association